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Magnesite, also known as Ivory Magnesite, mostly come from Brazil, but are also available in different countries. This opaque white to ivory colour with brown veins, and little to no shine, resembles Turquoise or Howlite. It may also be grey, pink (Manganoan), brown or yellow, depending on what other minerals are present. When cut and polished into beads, it features a dark thread of veins or web-like matrix across its surface. It usually comes in a compact brain like form, but can be in a less common crystal form.

Magnesite is a powerful relaxing and calming stone when used in meditation. A strong stone for creative visualization and imagination, it aids in the development of psychic visions of exceptional clarity. Magnesite will affect persons differently, depending on what is needed in their life. It carries a strong soothing vibration that connect your Heart Chakra to your Crown, therefore aligning your thoughts with what your heart desires. Living from the Heart is living your true Spiritual Path. 

Beneficial to help one love oneself and increase self-esteem, Magnesite brings joy and passion to ones’ life. Beneficial in alleviating apprehension and anxiety, Magnesite is a powerful aid to the emotions. Because of its high content of magnesium, Magnesite is helpful for relieving muscle spasms, aids kidneys and PMS. Wearing Magnesite also aids in getting rid of bad body odour.

A lovely calming gemstone to keep under your pillow, it enhances restful sleep. Meditate with palm stones to increase psychic abilities. Place on the Third Eye during meditation, you may feel a pulsing sensation, let it awaken automatic writing, contact your Spirit Guides, or awaken other psychic powers. Wear near your heart to live your hearts desires.  

Magnesite works well with Labradorite, Arfvedsonite, Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Blue Sapphire, Dumortierite, Shattuckite or Jeremejevite. 

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Aries
Vibrational Number: 3
Mohs Scale: 3.5-5

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