Lemon Jade

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Lemon Jade

Jade is known as either nephrite or jadeite, two strong, colourful gemstones that have been prized by various cultures around the world for thousands of years. Jade is a natural stone that ranges in colours from light green to dark green. The colour of jade is determined by the amount of Iron and other elements that it contains. The darker the jade, the more Iron it contains.

This powerful mineral has been known to bring good luck, ward off negative energy, and promote harmony. A symbol of purity and tranquillity, it represents knowledge, expanded love, and protection. When used in abundance, it can also strengthen relationships and inspire creativity. Count on jade to help you turn your frowns into smiles and your worries into peace.

Chakra: All, powerful Heart
Zodiac: Taurus, Libra
Vibrational Number: 11 
Mohs Scale: 6-7

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