Larvikite Tumble

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Larvikite Tumble

Also known as Black Labradorite. An opaque dark grey, dark blue, or black gemstone with vivid silver-blue highlights. Larkivite was originally found in 1890, in the Larvik Region of Norway, but has also been found in Finland, Ukraine, India, America and Canada.  Sometimes called Black Moonstone even if it is not actually a Moonstone. Also referred to as Black Labradorite, this may be due to it’s sparkles that are somewhat similar to Labradorite.

Larvikite has a very protective energy that assist even while asleep and when travelling, sending low vibrating energies back to it’s source. It cleanses the body and removes toxins and negative energies from the physical and the etheric bodies.  A beneficial gemstone for meditation, it stimulates inner visions, and enhances psychic abilities. Advantageous for astral travel to help with grounding and protection from negative energies. Larvikite has a strong connection to Mother Earth, helping connect with the Nature Spirits. Considered to be carrying a magical vibration, Larvikite can be used to travel psychically through the dimensions. An excellent supporting gemstone for manifesting your dreams, it can be used for lucid dreaming. Beneficial for maintaining youthfulness, vitality, brain maintenance and healing. 

Wear as jewelry or carry on the body for protection. Sleep with a piece of Larvikite to promote vivid dreaming or dream recall. Display Larvikite as a centrepiece in your home to cleanse and protect from negative or low vibrating energies. 

Chakra: Root, Throat, Third Eye 
Zodiac: Aquarius
Vibrational Number: 8
Mohs Scale: 6-6.5

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