Lithium Quartz Point

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Lithium Quartz Point

Found in Brazil, Lithium Quartz occurs as prismatic (prisms) crystals with phantom inclusions of lithium, in colors of lavender to pinkish grey. 

Lithium Quartz, a natural anti-depressant, is soothing and balancing to the body, mind, and heart. Works on all the Chakras, clears the Aura, creates a deep peace, harmony and stress relief. It can assist in removing negativity and transforming it into a positive and pure light of love. Used in meditation, Lithium Quartz opens the Crown and Third Eye and creates a deep sense of peace and will  open a connection to the higher self. Sleeping with this crystal assists in the understanding of dreams. 

For increased harmony in relationships, whether it is with a spouse, sibling, child, or parent, cleanse and charge Lithium Quartz crystals together (one per person that is needed), then place a Lithium Quartz under the pillows of each person. 

Wearing Lithium Quartz will bring a beautiful, relaxing, peaceful energy in to the body, help connect the mind to the heart, and release negative energies. An increase in psychic abilities will also be experienced. 

Using these crystals with plants will benefit growth and health of the plant, bury in the earth beside the plant. Use in the gardens. The energies of this crystal will attract Nature Spirits. 

Lithium Quartz in the bath can allow for a wonderfully peaceful and relaxing experience. Add essential oil of Lavender to complete a zen-full bath. 

Lithium Quartz is also stone of “transition” for those in hospice care, or those who are getting preparing to cross over. Lithium Quartz assists humanity with the knowledge that death is part of the cycle and gives comfort to the dying, their caregivers, and to those affected.

Chakra: All
Zodiac: Aquarius
Vibrational Number: 6
Mohs Scale: 7

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