My Life Amongst The Angels


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My Life Amongst The Angels

Diane Boucher

In this book, I relate the experiences of my life. I wrote to demonstrate that it is possible to survive this difference caused by this disease called prosopagnosia and even to be happy and radiant while being very different. I do not need to make an effort to see the other side of the veil or to see auras. I've always said that I was Obelix and I fell into magic potion when I was little. This vision is part of my nature and allows me to see the Angelic side as well as the evil one.

I know very well that all this may seem improbable for some of you, but I'm sure I'm not the only one living it. I do not want to convince anyone, but I simply wish to share with you my experiences and teaching to express a different perception of life that many are afraid to reveal.

Since her birth, Diane doesn't see or hear as most mortals. She does not Distinguish the details of the faces no more than she understands dialogues of great complexity, but she sees auras, deceased people, being and hears messages from the beyond.

Speaker and teacher, Diane uses the gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship she received at birth to help Gaia (Mother Earth) and the human inhabitants to ascend, to enlighten their spiritual journey and regain the splendor of their own Personal inner light.

With love and with ease, Diane wants to give your YOUR POWER by accompanying you in liberating sessions. As Guided by her feelings and her spiritual guides who are an integral part of her life, she takes you to the depths of your being to clear you of your fears, wounds, anxieties, phobias and others using instruments favoring these releases.

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