Yellow Optical Calcite Sphere

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Yellow Optical Calcite Sphere

Optical calcite, also known as Iceland spar, is a fascinating form of calcite that exhibits unique optical properties due to its crystal structure.
Yellow optical calcite, like other forms of optical calcite, is primarily composed of calcium carbonate and exhibits the unique optical properties characteristic of this mineral. 

Yellow optical calcite is found in regions where calcite forms under specific geological conditions. It can be sourced from various locations worldwide, including Mexico, Brazil, the United States, and other regions where calcite deposits are found. The yellow coloration in optical calcite can be attributed to various factors, including the presence of impurities or the incorporation of other minerals during its formation.

Yellow optical calcite typically appears as transparent to translucent crystals with a yellow hue. The crystals may exhibit a range of shades, from pale yellow to deep golden tones. Like other forms of optical calcite, it possesses the unique property of double refraction, where incoming light is split into two separate rays. This property gives the crystal a distinctive visual effect, causing objects viewed through it to appear doubled or shifted.

In addition to its optical properties, yellow optical calcite may display other features such as cleavage planes, crystal formations, and inclusions. These characteristics contribute to its aesthetic appeal and make it a popular choice for mineral collectors and enthusiasts.

Overall, yellow optical calcite combines the beauty of its color with the fascinating optical effects inherent to calcite, making it an intriguing and sought-after mineral specimen.

Chakra: All
Zodiac: Leo 
Vibrational Number: 3
Mohs Scale: 3-4

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