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WisdomTrees Protection Spray

The WisdomTrees Protection Sprays, in 120ml bottle, draw inspiration from Shamanic teachings rooted in Mexico, reflecting the age-old concept of safeguarding against negative energy. These sprays, developed based on these teachings, are designed for use in spaces, on objects, and even for personal protection against directed negative energy.

**Usage Guidelines:**
- Apply the protection sprays in spaces, on objects, or to shield oneself from negative energy.
- To protect the individual, simply spray above the head a few times, allowing the mist to settle. Enhance its efficacy by infusing it with your personal intention for protection.

**Protect Blend Composition:**
The Protect blend incorporates essential oils renowned for their protective properties across various indigenous cultures globally. Each essential oil within the blend works synergistically to eliminate negativity and envelop the surroundings in an aura of lightness and love.

**Why Choose Protect:**
- Acts as a preventative measure before facing challenges, stressful situations, important meetings, first dates, job interviews, encounters with negative entities, or even family gatherings.

**How to Incorporate into Your Routine:**
- Set your personal intention for protection and spray the space in a clockwise direction.
- Alternatively, set your intention for personal protection, spritz the spray above your head several times, and let the mist settle on you.

**Protect Blend Ingredients:**
- Cedar-infused distilled water
- Polysorbate 20
- Essential Oils: Cedar, Rosemary, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, and Myrrh

Seal in positive vibes, reinforce your intentions, and create a shield against negativity for yourself, your family, and your home!


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