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Purpurite Raw

Purpurite name is from Latin roots meaning purple-red. It is found in small quantities in Portugal, Africa, Namibia, Germany, and the USA. It is considered a rare mineral. Its colour is a deep purple, to pinkish or lavender.

Purpurite embodies the violet flame energy, a highly spiritual energy. It is believed to offer strong healing abilities and psychic protection. Purpurite encourages speaking your truth and communicating clearly. It is an excellent gemstone to relieve stress, boost self-confidence, spiritual clarity and insight. It is also beneficial in real estate sales. 

Purpurite is a Third Eye and Crown gemstone, it assist in opening up spiritually and developing psychic abilities. Purpurite has a very strong, focused energy that protects from negative energies and is believed to be an excellent healer, both physically and spiritually. 

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Pisces, Virgo
Vibrational Number: 9
Mohs Scale: 4-5

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