Red Calcite

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Red Calcite 

Red Calcite is found in many countries, the most notable and abundant source can be found in Mexico. Red Calcite’s colours can range from orange-red, to pink-red, to brick red.

Red Calcite is an essential stone that will activate you Root Chakra and increase your energy, as well as your willingness to live life. It is highly grounding and protective, and it will safeguard your energetic, physical, and emotional boundaries. It will also alleviate your listlessness, confusion, and restlessness.

Red Calcite will help you prevent overextending yourself, especially for people who are manipulative, and people who just don’t deserve your energies! Calcite helps see life clearly. Use this stone to amplify your connection with the divine. It amplifies self confidence and makes you see the true colours of relatives, friends, your partner and acquaintances. Boost your intuition.

Red Calcite is a great stone for women because it’s known to balance hormones and absorb minerals. It’s also a stone that will prepare you for pregnancy and childbirth.

Red Calcite is a powerful magnifier and cleanser of different kinds of energies. It emanates a revitalizing, purifying, and soothing energy. This crystal will absorb unwanted energies and return them to their sender already transmuted and amplified! Red Calcite will strengthen your willpower and remove the blockages that are preventing you from moving forward.

Physically, Red Calcite assists in the healing of bones, stimulates the immune system, receives constipation, benefits the reproductive organs, the gonads, helps with problems of the hips and feet. Improves the energy flow through your body and assist in all physical healing. Use at your bedside, at your workplace, in your living space, and in your garden. 

Chakra: All
Zodiac: Aries, Cancer
Number: 0
Mohs Scale: 3

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