Red Jasper Tumble

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Red Jasper Tumble

Red Jasper is a variety of chalcedony, a microcrystalline form of quartz, known for its deep red coloration. It is found in various parts of the world, including India, Russia, Brazil, Germany, and the United States. The stone's rich red hue is attributed to the presence of iron oxide in its composition.

Appearance-wise, Red Jasper typically exhibits a range of shades within the red spectrum, from deep brick red to a lighter, orangish-red. It often displays opaque to translucent properties, with a smooth, polished surface when cut and polished. Natural patterns and banding may be visible in some specimens, adding to its visual appeal.

Red Jasper is revered for its grounding and stabilizing properties, believed to bring strength, courage, and vitality to the wearer. It is associated with the root chakra and is said to enhance one's endurance and determination, making it a popular choice for those seeking stability and resilience in challenging situations. Additionally, Red Jasper is thought to promote emotional balance and stimulate creativity and passion.

Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Aries, Taurus
Vibrational Number: 6
Mohs Scale: 7

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