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Rosasite was first discovered by Domenico Lovisato in 1908 in Sardinia, Italy. He found the mineral in the Rosas Mine and named it “rosasite” in honor of the location it was first pulled from. Now found in Mexico, the USA, Iran, Chile, Germany, Italy, Australis and Morocco. It is only found in small quantities and is quite rare. Rosasite is often associated with Hemimorphite and Smithsonite and has a striking blue colour, but can also be found in blue-green, green or white. 

Rosasite is deeply calming and allows one to speak with clarity from ones truth. Rosasite is useful for memory recall and affirmations - particularly when used with mantras. Rosasite is a crystal of support, strength and sustainability. Healers are using Rosasite to link the Throat and Heart Chakras. It is believed to be quite powerful to correct imbalances associated with them. 

Chakra: Throat, Heart
Zodiac: Virgo
Vibration: 7
Mohs Scale: 4-4.5

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