Rose Quartz Heart Palm Stone

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Rose Quartz Heart Palm Stone

Rose Quartz is formed when Titanium is present during the formation of the Quartz, creating a light to medium pink colour throughout the gemstone. Rose Quartz has been found in Madagascar, India, Germany, and the USA. Recently, most of the world’s supply comes from Brazil. 

Rose quartz is renowned for its delicate and soothing pink color, ranging from pale, almost translucent pink to a deeper, more vibrant hue. The color is due to trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese within the crystal structure. The gentle, rosy tones of rose quartz contribute to its romantic and calming aesthetic.

Rose quartz is typically translucent to transparent, allowing light to pass through the crystal. The transparency can vary, with some specimens exhibiting a subtle glow when held up to light. High-quality rose quartz is often prized for its clarity, devoid of significant inclusions that may impact its overall appearance.

The surface of rose quartz is often smooth and vitreous, with a glassy luster that enhances its appeal. The crystal structure of rose quartz can present as massive or granular, and it is commonly found in large, rough formations.

Rose quartz belongs to the macrocrystalline variety of quartz, forming in large, visible crystals. It typically displays a hexagonal crystal structure, and its massive formations may exhibit a granular texture. While rose quartz is generally free of significant inclusions, some specimens may contain characteristic needle-like inclusions known as rutile or other mineral inclusions that add uniqueness to each stone.

The timeless beauty of rose quartz, coupled with its association with love and compassion, makes it a popular choice for jewelry, carvings, and decorative items. Its gentle appearance and positive energy contribute to its widespread appeal in the world of gemstones.

Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Scorpio, Taurus, Libra
Vibrational Number: 6
Mohs Scale: 7

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