Sacred White Sage Body & Room Spray


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Sacred White Sage Body & Room Spray 120ml

Rooted in a long-standing tradition among Native Americans, the practice of smudging involves using these herbs for cleansing, protection, and healing purposes. Smudging is believed to possess beneficial properties, facilitating a reconnection with the potent energies of Mother Earth. This sacred ritual is honored for its ability to purify spaces and individuals, fostering a sense of harmony and balance.

Used to remove negativity form ourselves, others, sacred spaces and more. Directions: Shake before use and be well! Do not spray on face, keep away from children, caution in pregnancy and discontinue use if any adverse reaction.

Scent Signature: Fresh, Woodsy, Herbaceous and Clean!
Ingredients: Distilled water, Sacred White Sage (Salvia apiana)

This Aromatherapy spray was created by Marlene Smith, Certified Aromatherapist.

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