Sea Sediment Jasper Pi Stone

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Sea Sediment Jasper Pi Stone

Pi stones, also known as Donut Stones, are circular in shape, with a hole in the middle.  Pi Stones date back to the Incas and are symbolic of our luminous bodies and the energetic universe.  They were used to transmit Munay Ki Rites during Inca Shaman initiations.  Their geometric shape is called a Torus and they symbolise the circular path that the sun follows in the sky.  The hole in the middle represents the principle of absolute oneness.  It symbolises the eternal unity of all things - the cycle of life, death and rebirth.  In many ancient cultures, Pi stones were used as star gates and energy keys.  They are powerful tools in learning and in healing.

Sea Sediment in only found in China. This gemstone is made up of soil particles,  marine organisms, products of submarine volcanism, and materials from outer space (e.g., meteorites) that accumulate on the seafloor. This forms an aggregate of microgranular quartz and/or chalcedony and other mineral phases, it is an opaque gemstone that forms in pink and purple or blue and green varieties.

The blue & green varieties of Sea Sediment Jasper are said to be wonderful stones for helping one find inner peace, clarity, love and compassion, helping with the alignment of the physical and “Light” bodies and is an excellent stone for emotional healing.

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