Selenite Palm Stone

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Selenite Palm Stone

This item is hand polished.

Selenite is a crystalline variety of the mineral gypsum, and its name is derived from the Greek word "selēnē," meaning moon, owing to its moon-like glow and associations with lunar energy. This translucent and colorless crystal is commonly found in evaporated sea beds, caves, and other sedimentary environments. It has a delicate, fibrous structure that often forms in columns or sheets, showcasing a natural elegance. Selenite can be found in various parts of the world, including Mexico, Morocco, the United States, and Australia. Its formation is linked to the presence of calcium sulfate in aqueous conditions, where it crystallizes over time, creating the stunning, luminous formations that are treasured for their metaphysical properties.

Selenite is renowned for its ethereal appearance and is characterized by its striated, prismatic structure that can form as wands, blades, or clusters. The crystal's surface often exhibits a glass-like or pearl-like luster, contributing to its enchanting visual appeal. Despite its outward fragility, selenite is a relatively soft mineral, and its name reflects its connection to the moon, emphasizing its gentle, calming energy. Many believe that selenite has metaphysical properties, including promoting mental clarity, enhancing spiritual awareness, and facilitating a sense of peace. Its versatile and serene nature has made it a popular choice in the realm of crystal healing, meditation practices, and spiritual rituals.

Often used as a light bringing element in the home; as lamps, centrepieces, slabs, or other ornamental uses. Selenite window panes have been used in the famous Santa Sabina in Rome. 

When meditating with Selenite palm stones, you can repeat a mantra such as “I take in the light, I am the light”.  Focus on white light coming down from the heavens, into your Crown Chakra, filling your entire body. Then use the mantra “I am peace, I am light”. You will reach a meditative state very quickly and therefore can use this for a short or longer session. You may repeat this meditation every morning and every night.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Zodiac: Taurus
Vibrational Number: 8
Mohs Scale: 2 

Price is per 1 palmstone.

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