Singing Bowl Endless Knot



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Singing Bowl Endless Knot

Elevate your meditation and sacred space with our intricately designed Singing Bowl adorned with the Endless Knot pattern, measuring 5.5 inches in diameter. This highly ornate brass and burgundy singing bowl is a striking piece that merges aesthetic beauty with the power of sound.

The bowl, crafted from a blend of metals including copper, iron, tin, lead, and mercury, features an old-world pattern in a rich burgundy color. This unique combination makes it a standout decorative piece suitable for any area of your home or sacred space.

Included with the singing bowl is a wooden dowel-striker, allowing you to produce pure and resonant sounds that are believed to induce a meditative state. The vibrations created by the singing bowl align with brain waves associated with relaxation, making it a valuable tool for meditation and mindfulness practices. Embrace the harmonious blend of visual elegance and meditative sound with this exquisite Singing Bowl.

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