Singing Bowl Medicine Buddha


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Singing Bowl Medicine Buddha

Embark on a journey of sound and healing with our Carved Medicine Buddha Singing Bowl, measuring 8" in diameter and weighing approximately 1.2-1.3kg. This exquisitely designed singing bowl features a round-sided structure with a calming blue tone, creating a visual and auditory experience that enhances your meditative practices.

The interior of the bowl is adorned with the healing image of the Medicine Buddha, a symbol associated with the generation of enormous healing power for oneself and others during meditation. The vibrant blue finish adds a touch of serenity to the overall design.

The singing bowl comes complete with a wooden dowel-striker, providing versatility in creating sound. You can gently tap the side of the bowl for a ringing sound or run the mallet along the rim to produce a hum that intensifies with each pass. Crafted from a blend of alloy materials, including copper, iron, tin, lead, and mercury, this singing bowl serves as a powerful tool for meditation, healing, and spiritual connection.

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