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Sodalite Moon 1.25"

First discovered by Europeans in 1811 in Greenland, sodalite did not become important until 1891 when vast deposits were discovered in Ontario, Canada. Usually opaque, some crystals are transparent to translucent. Sodalite is known for its royal blue colour, but it may also be grey, yellow, green, or pink and is usually mottled with white veins or patches. Often confused with Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite very rarely contains Pyrite and this is a good way to discern one from the other by sight. Its name comes from the Latin term sodalitas that means comrade. 

Sodalite is very calming, bringing a deep inner peace to the wearer. It is all about truth, inner peace, and logic, encouraging rational thought and objectivity. Having a big connection to the Throat Chakra, Sodalite helps improve self-expression, encourages speaking the truth and standing up for your beliefs, instilling confidence and self-esteem. Sodalite also has a deep link to the Heart Chakra, which accounts for its calming effect and ability to assist with feelings of inner peace as it enhances trust and self-trust. 

A stone of awakening, Sodalite stimulates the Pineal Gland and the Third Eye, and deepens meditation.  It assists in developing or enhancing psychic abilities while discouraging any obsession about such abilities, helping you stay true to yourself.

Recognized as the poet stone, Sodalite is beneficial for writers, encouraging an optimistic thought process, as well as improving self-expression, stimulating thoughts and assisting with mental clarity. Sodalite promotes intuition and to trust one’s own perception and can be a benefit in daily tasks and problems. 

On a physical level, Sodalite balances the metabolism and boosts the immune system. It is beneficial when undergoing chemotherapy. Assisting in stabilizing energies and in decreasing the treatment’s side effects. Its cooling properties are excellent at reducing blood pressure and fevers.  Sodalite can ease anxiety and panic attacks, and promotes a good nights’ sleep.  Sodalite is helpful for those who find themselves to be over-emotional, due to its ability to focus energy on the Third-Eye and Throat Chakras. Enabling one to use more logic and intuition, rather than the emotions from an over-developed Heart Chakra

Sodalite is known for its abilities to clear EMF, placing a specimen near the computer or cellphone will assist in a desired effect. Keeping a large specimen by the bedside to assist with a good nights’ sleep and to reduce blood pressure or fevers. Displaying a specimen on the work desk or station will assist in clear and calm thinking, improve self-expression and self-esteem.

Wear as a pendant or earrings to assist with uncontrolled high blood pressure, opening intuition, to decrease panic disorders, or for chemotherapy treatment. 

Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Number: 4
Mohs scale: 5.5-6

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