Sound Healing


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Sound Healing

Marjorie De Muynck

A Practical Application Manual + DVD for Self-Treatment and Treating Others!

New Second Edition includes expanded 8-page instructional color photo section featuring additional self-treatment protocol, detailed instructions for correct hand positioning, chakra and sound balancing techniques for the Subtle body, and treatment applications for Chair Massage and Sport Therapy.

Manual plus DVD feature illustrated instructions and video tutorials of 25 treatment protocols, including basic tuning fork technique, pace of application, body mechanics and application methods for both the physical and energetic body.

Manual features:
1) A treatise and exploration on the healing aspects of vibration, sound & music
2) 25 illustrated treatment protocols for Treating Others and Self Treatment
3) Expanded 8-page instructional color photo section
4) A complete Sound Healing system utilizing tuning forks + music in the key of Ohm

DVD demonstrates:
1) Tuning Fork Technique
2) Pace of Application and Body Mechanics
3) Tuning Fork Application Methods for the physical & energetic body
4) 20 illustrated Protocols for Treating Others, utilizing acu-points and anatomical placements
5) How to include Singing and Crystal Bowls in a Sound Healing session

New Second Edition color section highlights:
1) Photos showing additional treatment applications for common ailments such as headache, tennis elbow, strained or cramping muscles even how to lengthen and extend a yoga pose!
2) Close-up photos demonstrate correct hand positioning and body mechanics when activating and applying tuning forks.
3) Chair Massage applications show how to apply and direct vibration to alleviate tension headache, relax shoulder and neck, includes Cranial Sacral application.
4) Singing bowl placement along spine relaxes musculature and helps to realign the vertebra.
5) Sport Therapy applications feature three acupressure points (ST 36, SP 3, Kidney Chest Points) chosen to ease joint stiffness and pain and to help regulate the transportation of energy in the body.

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