Aragonite, Sputnik

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Aragonite, Sputnik 

Aragonite Sputniks, mainly found in Morocco, are clusters of bizarre shapes that are orange/brown in colour and are sometimes called Twinned Aragonite. They are called Sputniks due to its' resemblance of the very first man made satellite ever to be launched into space - the Russian satellite Sputnik 1 launched in October of 1957.

Quite a visually striking stone, Aragonite is often sought by those who push themselves too hard, or more often, push their friends too hard. Aragonite's promotes calm, helps reduce stress and encourages patience. It can reduce anger and cool hot tempers. Aragonite is a crystal that helps us to reach out and experience life and helps us see details that others can't see. Aragonite helps us to live with an open mind. 

Aragonite helps to combat chills and can bring warmth to the extremities. It is good for the treatment of the skin, the brain and the central nervous system and for helping bones to heal too. Aragonite also assists bone, muscles and teeth health.

If you are having trouble meditating, Aragonite can help you to centre yourself and get into the zone. It assists in grounding, also stimulates spiritual connections.

Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Pisces
Number: 2
Mohs Scale: 3.5-4

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