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Stilbite is commonly found in association with Apophillite and Heulandite within basalt and other volcanic rock. Stilbite’s colour is usually white but can be seen as brown, pink, yellow, orange, red or grey. First discovered in 1797, the finest specimens are found in Western India but can also be found in Iceland, Italy, Scotland and the USA. It can form in aggregates, plates, globes, radial structures, thin tabular crystals and rhombic pyramid-type cruciforms.

Stilbite is very soothing to touch, it emanates high vibrating energies that are healing and loving. Placing a specimen in your home will fill it with joyful, passionate, and uplifting energies.

This gemstone connects our Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras together and helps one understand the emotions weighing them down. Stilbite benefits emotional healing and releasing of these from the Heart Chakra.

Stilbite stimulates psychic abilities and assists in astral travels, providing protection, guidance, and direction. It has a calming effect on the mind and energy fields. Stilbite is beneficial in overcoming restless sleep as it quiets the mind, providing a calming influence for those feeling overwhelmed. Stilbite encourages dreamwork and will assist those seeking to understand and remember their dreams. The very rare mineral Cavansite, is usually found in India, formed on a bed of tiny Stibnite. This rare combination carries strong energies that connect to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.   

Stilbite may be helpful in the treatment of brain disorders, ADD, ADHD, and to maintain balance.  

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Aries
Vibration Number: 33
Mohs Scale: 3.5-4

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