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Stonehenge Tumble

Stonehenge Bluestone, also known as Preseli Bluestone, is found mostly in the UK, is a mixture of both spotted and blue Dolerite, a form of Feldspar, Rhyolite and volcanic ash. It is a round, blue gemstone with spots of colour on it that can be found in shades of green, purple, grey, or yellow. It is from the Preseli hills in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is also known as Preseli Bluestone and the stones that form the ancient structure of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, are of this stone. 

Stonehenge Bluestone have a primordial vibration with an ancient energy. This energy is said to assist in opening of psychic gifts and to assist in acquiring downing and geomancy (the study of the placement of objects relating to energies )or Fengshui. Stonehenge Bluestone resonates with ley lines, the Earth’s energy grid. Stonehenge Bluestone is beneficial in Shamanic practices and journeys. It can assist in viewing the past, helping you gain ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Legend has it that Merlin the Magician used his gifts to move the Stonehenge monoliths over a distance of 200 miles to where they are located. It is believed that the Stonehenge monoliths date back to 2100 BC.

Some believe that sleeping with a piece of Stonehenge Bluestone can assist you to develop psychic gifts. Its grounding energies will assist you in falling asleep. 

Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture, published online December 02, 2013

According to local legend, the bluestones possess magical and healing properties. But what Dr Paul Devereux and Dr Jon Wozencroft from London’s Royal College of Art have now discovered are the extraordinary ‘sonic properties’ of these stones, which might have led to their use in Stonehenge.
After testing over 1,000 stones at points all along the Carn Menyn Ridge, they found that on average, between 5-10 percent of the rocks ‘ring’ when hit. In localized places, the figure rises to 15–20 percent, ‘with a few very small hotspots up to double that percentage again.

“When struck, some make a range of metallic sounds, from pure bell-like tones to tin drum noises to deeper gong-like resonances,” Dr Devereux and Dr Wozencroft explained.

Being in no doubt that the source area of the Stonehenge Bluestone is a noteworthy soundscape, the scientists traveled to Stonehenge itself. The sonic properties of the bluestones were tested in situ, the first time this had ever been done.

“Was sound a key reason behind the otherwise inexplicable transport of these stones from Preseli to Salisbury Plain – whether they were to be rung at Stonehenge, or simply because the megalith builders associated them with the magical properties of the astonishing Carn Menyn soundscape?” 

Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat
Zodiac: Taurus
Vibration: 2
Mohs Scale: 9-10

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