Strawberry Calcite

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Strawberry Calcite

Strawberry Calcite is a stunning soft pink berry coloured gemstone. This unique shade of calcite is sure to bring positive energy into your space. Strawberry Calcite is found in Paskistan.  All Calcites promote inner wisdom, but this gemstones' vibrations resonates with the Root and the Heart Chakras. It grounds you and opens your Heart centre, teaching you to love yourself and to allow all love in. Strawberry Calcite brings a positive energy to your heart, awakening compassion to the self and others.

Strawberry Calcite awakens your motivation and willpower, and enhances creative energies. The magic of this gemstone is pure joy and inner wisdom. It is sure to bring high vibrating energies in your home or office. 

Chakra: Root, Heart
Zodiac: Cancer, Leo
Vibration: High (8)
Mohs Scale: 4

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