Sulphur Quartz Tumble

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Sulphur Quartz Tumble

Sulphur quartz, also known as sulfur quartz or golden healer quartz, originates from various locations around the world, including Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States. It gets its name from the vibrant yellow color caused by the presence of sulfur inclusions within the quartz crystal matrix.

The appearance of sulphur quartz is characterized by its distinctive yellow hue, ranging from pale yellow to deep golden shades. The sulfur inclusions often form intricate patterns or cloudy areas within the transparent quartz matrix, giving the crystal a unique and captivating appearance. Sulphur quartz typically exhibits a vitreous luster and can vary in transparency from translucent to opaque, depending on the concentration of sulfur inclusions.

In terms of metaphysical properties, sulphur quartz is believed to have powerful cleansing and healing properties. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra and is said to promote vitality, confidence, and abundance. Sulphur quartz is often used in crystal healing practices to clear negative energy, enhance personal power, and facilitate spiritual growth. Additionally, its vibrant yellow color is thought to bring warmth, positivity, and joy into one's life.

Chakra: Solar Plexus
Zodiac: Aries, Leo
Vibration: 7
Mohs scale: 7

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