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Sunstone Generator

First, let me explain to you about generators; generators are crystals that have a flat base and come to a point. This includes crystals that have been top polished (into a point), natural points that have been cut at the base, and crystals that have been shaped into obelisk, spirals, flames or pyramids.  

Generators are powerful tools that pull energies from their surroundings and from the Earth and send it out to the Universe (The Source). They also pull high vibrating energies from the Source back to the Earth, and fill the space they occupy with this beautiful energy. A high vibrating space is one in which you feel peace, joy, secure and at ease. Low vibrating energies are made up of anger, grief and fear. Low vibrating energies cannot simultaneously exist with high vibrating energies, the higher energies will transmute the lower ones. Our homes and offices get filled with the emotions released by us. These emotions, if not released, can create a low vibrating, even toxic environment. 

Sunstone is a type of feldspar mineral known for its dazzling appearance and warm, golden hues. Sunstone is typically found in igneous rocks, such as basalt or granite, in various parts of the world, including Norway, Russia, Canada, and the United States. The gemstone owes its name to the stunning optical effect known as aventurescence, which creates the appearance of sparkling metallic flashes resembling the sun's rays.

Sunstone exhibits a range of colors, including shades of orange, red, brown, and yellow, with shimmering metallic flecks caused by tiny plate-like inclusions of hematite or goethite. These reflective inclusions are responsible for the gemstone's unique optical phenomenon, giving it a distinctive and captivating appearance. Sunstone is typically translucent to transparent and is often cut into cabochons or faceted gemstones to enhance its natural brilliance and color play. Due to its vibrant colors and iridescent sheen, Sunstone is a popular choice for jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Additionally, Sunstone is believed to possess metaphysical properties that promote vitality, abundance, and personal power, making it a sought-after gemstone for both its aesthetic and spiritual qualities.


Chakra: All

Zodiac: Virgo, Aries
Vibration Number: 1
Mohs Scale: 6-6.5

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