The Complete Guide To Reflexology

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The Complete Guide To Reflexology

Ruth Hull

Third Edition

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that encourages the body to balance and heal itself. Presenting the most complete reflexology study guide available, this full-color illustrated textbook is designed for use both in the classroom and as a home study resource. Ideal for students of reflexology up to levels 2 and 3, it exceeds the curriculum requirements of all the major awarding bodies as well as meeting the current National Occupational Standards for reflexology.

Providing detailed and accurate anatomical drawings, zone and reflex maps, and muscle tables, the book outlines each body system, explaining how, when, and why to work the reflexes. It explores foot reflexology, hand reflexology, as well as meridian therapy and offers extensive basic pathology of all body systems, including case studies, allowing the student to develop interpretive diagnostic and treatment planning skills. Each chapter also includes a study outline as well as review and multiple choice questions.

Offering a comprehensive guide to the theory, philosophies, and history of reflexology, this book will encourage students to develop understanding and confidence in their reflexology practice.

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