Trigonic Quartz Point

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Trigonic Quartz Point

In addition to the properties of quartz, which include magnification, intensification, sealing of spells or intentions, gridding of altar or sacred spaces, and holding sacred space, these trigonic quartz crystals are record-keepers, storing within them ancient information and messages for you. These are for my serious crystal collectors. They are vital pieces to use in your meditation. They help facilitate a connection between the spiritual and the physical, and can help you with journeying and visioning, especially in regards to the mysteries of the afterlife. Trigonics have a very strong connection to water element energy, and act as transceivers for a feedback loop of energy that runs through all beings. They are very connected to earth’s tides and magnetic poles, and are some of the most energetically potent stones known to exist.

Trigonic are psychotronic. It is like a supercomputer based on water molecules with all the crystals communicating together. They are transceivers, transmitting and receiving, and create a feedback system that goes to all souls in the group (human and crystal). Trigonics are strongly connected to the cosmic tides and to the earth’s poles and earth currents. They link to the pressure of the ice ages that compressed them into more solid form. Trigonic energy can flow through the body in waves and will be experienced at different temperatures according to the body type.

Trigonic transcends boundaries and limitations when you are ready - a stone of initiation. Extremely useful for interstellar travel. It is helpful for holding intent and sending distant healing.

It has a strong higher heart connection and links the upper and lower shamanic realms, making it an excellent journeying stone. (I would advise first putting in place both a shamanic anchor into the core of the earth from the base chakras and a cosmic anchor into the centre of the galaxy from the crown and soma chakras as this provides a reliable method of return to the physical body from whatever dimension you travel to.)

These stones attract and repel and will say ‘enough now’ when appropriate. Helps stiff and swollen joints – letting go the underlying causes. Balances central core, creates calm centredness around which everything else rushes and flows.

Useful for unblocking emotions and issues you don’t realize you have. Some of the crystals had a very potent but gentle masculine energy that help you to give yourself love. Trigonic quartz reminds you who you are and what you need.

Chakra: Heart, Higher Heart, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Gemini, Cancer
Vibration: High
Mohs Scale: 7

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