White Aragonite Wand

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White Aragonite Wand

White Aragonite is found in Mexico, it is a semi-translucent gemstone that often contains Calcite and Selenite. A bringer of Light, it instills a calming effect and peace upon you. If your emotions have been erratic, White Aragonite will assist in stabilizing them. It is a stone of deep spiritual healing and purification. It can bring to you strong frequencies of healing, love, compassion and forgiveness. It can emit energies of angelic purity from the Higher Realms. White Aragonite  connects you to higher your dimensional angelic beings, including your guardian angels, so that you may receive their love and guidance.

White Aragonite emanates the energies of love, compassion and forgiveness, helping you to transmit these energies to heal yourself. It will provide you with strength and support, assisting you in releasing anger and stress. If you are seeking a calm, to find solutions to problems, White Aragonite is your gemstone. 

White Aragonite assists bone, muscles and teeth health. Aragonite is especially helpful in supporting the digestive system, providing balance in the small intestines. 

Chakra: All 
Zodiac: Capricorn
Vibration: High
Mohs Scale: 3.5-4

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