White Leopardskin Jasper

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White Leopardskin Jasper Tumble

White Leopard Skin Jasper is known for instilling a sense of calm and stability to those who are experiencing chaotic energies. It promotes complete honesty, both with ourselves and with others. It dispels delusions and enables us to accept reality as it is. This stone is also very supportive during meditative states and is excellent for connecting with spirit animals. 

Most specimens of Leopardskin Jasper is found in Mexico. It is an opaque, reddish to yellowish brown colour with unique spotted patterns. A powerful protection gemstone used for journeying out of body. Leopardskin will keep negative energies away. Like all Jaspers, Leopard Skin is nurturing, calming, imparts strength and vitality. It brings stability to chaotic events. Attracts the right energies into your life to move beyond past traumas and scars.

Chakra: Root, Heart
Zodiac: Gemini, Scorpio
Number: 8
Mohs Scale: 6.5-7

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