Yellow Apatite, Raw

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Yellow Apatite, Raw

Emotional healing energy, Yellow Apatite helps by instilling hope and optimism. Releases old patterns and blockages that prevents someone from manifesting their success. Increases inner strength and willpower. This is a prosperity crystal, and will manifest abundance. Having the energy of Apatite also aids in weight loss and strengthens mental clarity. Daily meditations with Yellow Apatite will increase insight, in the form of ideas that will help achieve success in any endeavour.

Place a piece under your pillow at night, it will have a positive effect on your while you sleep. Wearing Yellow Apatite as a piece of jewelry or in your pocket will also benefit your whole body. Let Yellow Apatite help bring your dreams into reality. Boost your manifesting of money, increase your appeal, improve your learning abilities. 

Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus 
Zodiac: Cancer
Number: 9
Mohs Scale: 5

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