Yellow Fluorite Slice

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Yellow Fluorite Slice

Yellow Fluorite, considered a rare color variant of Fluorite, is said to exude a radiant sun-like energy. Originally discovered in the tropical regions of Mexico and Brazil, this gem might evoke the sense that life has the potential to be simple and sublime, with clear skies ahead. Fluorite, also known as the Genius Stone, is revered for its believed ability to enhance mental clarity and potentially reveal one's true aptitude. A member of the Halide family, Fluorite consists of calcium fluorite and is celebrated for its rich array of colors, making it considered one of the most colorful minerals globally.

A softer stone, Fluorite is believed to captivate with its dazzling shades and patterns, appearing different each time it is viewed. Known for its potential connection with the human body and energy fields, Fluorite is thought to offer a sense of spirited joy, calm, improved sleep, and various believed physical, emotional, and metaphysical benefits. The name "Fluorite" originates from the Latin word for flux, emphasizing the believed ability of the gem to flow in harmony with other materials.

Fluorite is believed to heighten intuition, alleviate headaches, and absorb negativity in the environment (requiring frequent cleansing). It is thought to encourage focus, serve as a potential learning aid, enhance concentration, boost potential self-confidence, aid in decision-making, and is believed to be particularly beneficial for individuals with ADD/ADHD.

The Fluorite crystal, with its rainbow of colors, is renowned for its believed ability to potentially clear negative energy and instill a sense of liberation. Shimmering in crystal clear, purple, and soft blue tones, Fluorite is considered by some a preferred choice for those seeking a mental detox. To potentially stimulate psychic abilities, one may consider creating a moonlight elixir by washing the crystals in dish soap, rinsing well, placing them in water, and leaving them on a windowsill overnight. The elixir, if ingested, might be added to water and drunk, with refrigeration for storage.

Chakra: Third Eye
Zodiac: Capricorn, Pieces
Vibrational Number: 7, 9
Mohs Scale: 4

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