Zebra Calcite Raw

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Zebra Calcite Raw

Calcite is believed by some to offer clarity in life and strengthen the connection with the divine. Enthusiasts often use this stone to potentially boost self-confidence, gain insights into relationships, and enhance intuition.

For those drawn to Calcite, it is believed to indicate a potential need for more calcium in one's diet. Holding a substantial piece of Calcite is said to induce feelings of calmness and centeredness, with energies targeting areas in the body that may hold stress and inflammation. Often recognized as a potent manifesting gemstone, Calcite is thought to support the enhancement of desired qualities. It is associated with bringing emotional balance and fostering knowledge of divine love to the Heart Chakra. Some practitioners place it directly on the heart during energy therapy. Calcite is considered beneficial for periods of transition, assisting in the release of old patterns and the establishment of new, heart-aligned ones. It is also believed to contribute to the healing of bones, aid in calcium absorption, and strengthen the immune system. Many choose to place Calcite in various settings, such as bedside tables, workplaces, living spaces, and gardens.

Chakra: All
Zodiac: Aries, Cancer
Number: 0
Mohs Scale: 3

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