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"Originating from Madagascar, Zebradorite is a beige gemstone with grey stripes, belonging to the Feldspar family. Proponents of Zebradorite often describe it as having a pleasant and refined energy, suggesting potential benefits in various aspects of life.

Some believe that Zebradorite may offer support during challenging times, helping individuals overcome tragedy and bringing a sense of peace during periods of physical and emotional trauma. Additionally, it is said to be supportive in group projects, assisting members to discover new ways to achieve their goals.

According to certain perspectives, Zebradorite is associated with ancient Egyptian wisdom, making it particularly appealing for those studying the arts. Individuals struggling with self-confidence and low self-esteem may find potential benefits from Zebradorite, as it is thought to promote self-will, emotional strength, and courage.

Those who believe in the metaphysical properties of stones often claim that Zebradorite works on all Chakras, contributing to their clearing, balancing, and strengthening. However, it's important to approach these claims with an open mind, recognizing that individual experiences and beliefs may vary."

Chakra: All
Zodiac: Aquarius, Cancer
Vibration: 9
Mohs Scale: 6

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