Rhodonite Moon

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Rhodonite Moon 1.25"

The unique crescent Moon shape of these crystals not only makes them aesthetically pleasing in any setting but also turns them into excellent choices for home decor. Traditionally, the crescent Moon shape has been linked with femininity, sensuality, and fertility, making crystal Moons common tools in fertility-related energy healing. These Moon-shaped stones serve as effective tools for resonating with the energy of each Moon phase and symbolize growth, creativity, and manifestation, making them suitable for manifestation techniques.

Rhodonite, distinguished by its rosy pink to bright red color with black dendritic inclusions, was initially discovered in Argentina and is often referred to as Inca Rose due to its color.

Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Taurus
Vibrational Number: 9
Mohs Scale: 6

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