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ADHD Mojo Bag

Discover the transformative power of our specially crafted Mojo Bags, each containing crystals and gemstones designed to assist with specific ailments or desires. Ensuring the utmost purity, the crystals and gemstones in every bag undergo thorough cleansing and clearing of previous energies. Following this, they are infused with Reiki and Karuna Reiki healing energies, and a new programming affirmation is bestowed upon your unique bag of crystals and gemstones.

Activated upon reaching the rightful recipient, each bag is imbued with the intention to continuously cleanse and recharge for as long as necessary.

The ADHD Mojo Bag includes Citrine, Prehnite, Amethyst, and Blue Quartz. The affirmation accompanying this bag is: 'My mind is clear. I am focused and calm.'

Please note that this listing is for a 'random selection,' ensuring that you receive an intuitively chosen item rather than the exact one photographed. While the size, shape, and color of the crystals and gemstones may vary slightly, rest assured that each item is thoughtfully curated for you. The price is per 1 Mojo Bag, and in the event that a particular crystal or gemstone is unavailable, it will be replaced with the closest match.

Note: This information is intended to highlight potential benefits associated with this product and is not a substitute for professional advice. Individual experiences may vary.

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