African Bloodstone Bracelet

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African Bloodstone Bracelet 6mm

Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a variety of chalcedony that is typically green with red spots. The red spots are caused by the presence of iron oxide or red jasper. The green color comes from chlorite or other minerals. Here are some key points about the origin of bloodstone:

1. **Locations:**
- Bloodstone is found in various locations around the world. Historically, significant deposits were found in India, specifically in the region of the Deccan Plateau.
- Other notable sources include Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, the United States, and Germany.

2. **Historical Significance:**
- Bloodstone has a rich history and has been used for centuries for its unique appearance and believed metaphysical properties.
- It was historically carved into seals and amulets, and in ancient times, it was associated with healing properties.

3. **Formation:**
- Bloodstone is typically formed in sedimentary, metamorphic, or igneous rocks.
- The red spots in bloodstone are often composed of iron minerals, and the green background is usually due to the presence of minerals like chlorite or amphibole.

4. **Varieties:**
- There are different varieties of bloodstone based on the intensity of color and the size and arrangement of the red spots. Some may have a more dominant green color, while others may have a more speckled appearance.

5. **Modern Use:**
- In contemporary times, bloodstone is still used in jewelry, carvings, and other decorative items. Its distinctive appearance makes it a sought-after gemstone.

Remember that the availability and specific characteristics of bloodstone can vary depending on the location of its origin.

Chakra: Root 
Zodiac: Aries, Libra, Pisces
Vibrational Number: 4, 6
Mohs Scale: 7

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