Anandalite Quartz Cluster

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Anandalite Quartz Cluster

Anandalite quartz, also known as Aurora Quartz or Rainbow Quartz, is a type of quartz crystal that displays a stunning array of colors. Its origin lies in the Anandalite mine in India, where it is found in the form of natural quartz clusters. The vibrant colors of Anandalite quartz are created through a natural process called diffraction, where light is refracted and split into its component colors, similar to the effect seen in rainbows.

Appearance-wise, Anandalite quartz typically appears as transparent to translucent crystals with a hexagonal prism shape and pointed terminations. What sets Anandalite apart is its ability to exhibit a multitude of colors, including vibrant hues of green, pink, blue, purple, and yellow. These colors often form in bands or patches within the quartz crystal, creating a mesmerizing and iridescent effect.

Due to its striking appearance and metaphysical properties, Anandalite quartz is highly sought after by collectors, healers, and spiritual practitioners. It is believed to carry the energies of joy, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening, making it a powerful tool for meditation and personal growth. 

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: All
Vibration: 9
Mohs Scale: 7

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