Chiastolite Tumble

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Chiastolite Tumble

Chiastolite, also know as Andalusite gets its name from the Spanish province of Andalusia, where it was first discovered. It is now mined in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Sri Lanka and in the Inyo Mountains in California, USA. Some have inclusions arranged in a cross-shape, often referred to as Fairy Cross, but they should not be confused as Fairy Cross, or with Staurolite, this is quite different. Chiastolite is a deep brown stone with a natural black cross formation in its structure. There is another form from Australia that is black with a green cross.

Long revered as a sign of God. Held for the belief that is is very protective against negative or low vibrating energies. Guards against the Evil Eye and protects against curses, a highly psychic protective stone.

Its' healing abilities include decreasing symptoms of nerve damage, rheumatism, gout and muscle weakness. A stone par excellences for healing after strokes. 

Place in the centre of a home to fuse chi energy and disperse it outwards, welcoming health and harmony.  Placed in the main room (living room), by countering disagreements between people and transforming their attitudes into more harmonious agreement, it fosters peace and harmony in the home.

Use during meditation to be able to see your akashic records and discover past life information. Use Chiastolite for out of body journeys to higher realms, it will help raise your vibrations while keeping you grounded.  

Chakra: Root, Sacral 
Zodiac: Capricorn, Libra
Number: 3, 4
Mohs Scale: 5-5.5

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