Cobalto Calcite Egg

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Cobalto Calcite Egg

The shape of an Egg symbolize new beginnings. Life evolves from eggs, and egg shaped crystals and gemstones are perfect for anyone who desires to have a fresh new chapter in their life. Eggs represent fertility and life force. If you’re looking to preserve your youthfulness and enliven your sexuality, crystal eggs are beneficial for you. 

Spiritually, Crystal healers believe that egg-shaped crystals are a powerful tool for people as they can bring about ‘miracles’ and ‘magic’ that smoothen transitions and complete transformations. They boost the effectiveness of prayers by simply holding them in your hands during meditation.  

Cobalto Calcite, also known as Cobaltocalcite and Cobaltian Calcite, was first discovered in the Calamita mine in Tuscany, Italy. Since then, only a handful of localities have been found throughout the world. The most important veins of this mineral are currently located in the Congo, Morocco, Australia, Mexico, the UK, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland.

Cobalto Calcite is a stone of unconditional love that soothes intense feelings and promotes self-love. A great crystal for distance work, it helps send loving rays of energy over long distances. In addition to the Calcite properties, Cobalto Calcite can have a positive affect on brain function, the nervous system and formation of blood. 

Keep a piece of Cobalto Calcite in the living area of your home, to encourage playfulness, to dispel melancholy, and to lighten the atmosphere. Use directly on the body or hold to help alleviate asthma. Meditate with Cobalto to expand the Heart Chakra well beyond its normal limitations, attracting love into your life. Cobalto Calcite has a strong connection to the Angel Realm. 

Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Cancer, Libra
Number: 7
Mohs Scale: 3

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