Emerald Tanzurine Quartz, Raw

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Emerald Tanzurine Quartz

Tanzurine is a recently discovered stone consisting of one of the most pure Quartz and either Lepidolite (cherry) or Fuchsite (emerald). Because of the purity of the Quartz, the included minerals are able to fill these stones with vibrant colour as if it were water. The deep reds and vibrant greens of Tangerine Quartz are totally natural and create a truly unique stone. Found on Massai tribal land deep in the bush in Northern Tanzania.

Jonathan Bartky was the first to uncover Tanzurine and really put amazing work into making sure the world knew about this unusual and beautiful stone. He was featured in Rock & Gem Magazine for this awesome find and has consulted with many locals and healers to build a better understanding of this new stone. 100% natural and Untreated Cherry Quartz. It was not known to exist. But, here it is ! A Natural and Untreated Cherry Quartz that has beautiful colour and Sparkle too!

Tanzurine is the perfect example of Quartz’s ability to act as an amplifier. You can really see how the Quartz brings to life the colours of Lepidolite and Fuchsite. In Tanzurine, Quartz is the conduit for these minerals, showcasing their colourful complexity in a way that hasn't been seen before.


Sparkling Fuchsite, also known as Verdite, has colour ranges from pale green to Emerald green. A form of mica, usually scattered in tiny grains into rocks, most of the bigger pieces come from Brazil.  It is a stone of renewal and regeneration, imparting resilience after trauma or emotional tension. Traditionally used by Shamans and Healers to find the root causes of disease; as Fuchsite is believed to connect the mind intelligence with the heart intelligence, opening you to receive guidance on health matters.

It is believed that Fuchsite has a strong heart connection, it is a gemstone of rejuvenation and renewal. It carries the energies and vitality of youth, filling your life with joy, laughter, and playfulness. Fuchsite imparts the knowledge that happiness comes from within. It helps you let go of beliefs that no longer serve you. Helping you bounce back from traumatic life experiences, making you strong again. When feeling overwhelmed, Fuchsite will help you stay calm and serene. Fuchsite stimulates compassion and understanding towards others, by increasing patience, understanding, and the ability to forgive. 

Fuchsite is also known for its connection to Angels and Spirit Guides, useful when seeking guidance from the angelic realm. 

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Aquarius, Libra
Vibrational Number: 9
Mohs Scale: 6-6.5

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