Fairy Cross, Faceted

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Fairy Cross, Faceted

Fairy Cross, also known as Staurolite, is the official state mineral of the state of Georgia, USA in the Fairy Stone Park in Patrick County. It is also to be found, in smaller quantities, in the Lepontine Alps in Switzerland. It is reddish brown to black in colour and often occurs in a cross-shape, and are usually less than an inch (2.5 cm) in length. Thus referred to as Fairy Cross. Not to be confused with Staurolite.

There is a legend associated with the Fairy Cross. It is an old Cherokee legend handed down over 2000 years ago. This is how it goes: “When the world was young there lived in these mountains a race of little people. They were spirit people. Like the fairies you read about. One day when these little people had gathered to dance and sing around a deep pool deep in the woods, a spirit messenger arrived from a strange city far away in the Land of the Dawn. Soon the dancing and singing stopped, for the messenger brought them sad tidings. The messenger told them Christ was dead. The little people were silent and sad. And as they listened to the story of how Christ had died on the Cross, they wept and their tears fell upon the earth and turned into small stones. The stones were not round or square. Each was in the form of a beautiful little cross. Hundreds of tears fell to earth and turned into tiny stone crosses, but the little people were so dazed and heart broken, they did not notice what was happening. So, with the joy gone from their hearts, they wandered away into the forest into their homes. But around the spot where they had been dancing and singing, where they had stopped to shed their tears, the ground was covered with these symbols of the death of Christ. What happened to the little people? No one knows for sure what happened to them. The old men of the tribes said that after that day, the little people were never seen again. But they say on still nights you could hear them whispering along the river and that when there is a gentle breeze their sighs could be heard in the tall trees.”

Staurolite has a calming energy that is used for grounding, soothing and reducing stress. The crosses are known as good luck amulets and are said to be beneficial in working with White Light or White Magic. Accessing the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth, Staurolite assists one to connect to the physical, etheric and spiritual planes, while providing a shield against low vibrating energies. Making them excellent tools to initiate astral travel or lucid dreaming (place under the pillow). Meditating with Staurolite will assist in choosing the best Spiritual Path.  

Staurolite has the ability to ground the Root Chakra and open the Third Eye Chakra, a rare combination that is desired to open clairvoyance, telepathic and psychic abilities. It is said to protect against the evil eye. Staurolite honours the Four Directions and Mother Earth, assisting with the healing of the planet. 

Staurolite helps you open your inner eye to see the other beings, spirits and realms coexisting with you on the Earth. Staurolite is a key to the astral plane the devic realm (nature spirits home) and the dominion of the fairies, making it an excellent companion for Shamanic Journeying. It is said to be an efficient tool to help find lost objects.

Chakra: Root, Third Eye
Zodiac: Pisces
Vibration Number: 5
Mohs Scale: 7-7.5

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