Florida Water Cologne

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Florida Water Cologne

Florida Water Cologne, with its original formula dating back to 1808, boasts a light floral scent with lemon overtones. Revered for its cooling, cleansing, and calming qualities, this versatile cologne finds application in various energy rituals. It is believed to have potential benefits in different practices:

1. Sprinkle or spray throughout a room to potentially dispel heavy vibrations and foster emotional well-being.
2. Use as a potential purification and blessing floor wash by mixing it into cleaning solutions.
3. Create a crystal cleansing solution by placing stones in the water or spraying them.
4. Potentially use on the body for empathic individuals to manage anxiety, sadness, and protect against absorbing negative energies.
5. Employ on an ancestral altar to receive potential clear messages and protect from interfering energies.
6. Potentially relieve aching muscles by rubbing Florida Water on problem areas.
7. Cleanse items on sacred altars, including the altar itself.
8. Create a potential protection spray for spiritual defense.
9. Potentially bless your wallet to attract abundance and financial success.
10. Wash hands and feet after encountering people.
11. Potentially protect energies in workspaces by keeping it near your desk to potentially transmute negativity.
12. Attract potential true love or unblock obstacles in a relationship by adding a few drops near the bed.
13. Bless and cleanse a new space by anointing floors, windows, and doorways.
14. Potentially calm gossip by spraying onto the throat chakra.
15. Potentially rinse pendulums in the cologne after use for a cleanse.
16. Mix with inks when writing spells or manifesting to potentially increase power.
17. Wear as a cologne for a potential protective shield and use in spiritual baths for potential purification.
18. Add to bedding to potentially prevent nightmares and offer protection while sleeping.
19. Add to laundry for potential cleansing and blessing clothing.
20. Use for scrying by mixing with river water in a clear jar or dark bowl.
21. Anoint your pet's forehead for a potential pet blessing.
22. Potentially keep in a spray bottle in the refrigerator for a refreshing facial cleanse.
23. Use as a rubdown for potential therapeutic effects on nerves and anxiety.
24. Add to rinse water after shampooing to potentially clear the mind of heavy thoughts.

The bottle contains 7.5oz of this versatile and sacred Florida Water Cologne. 

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