Lava Stone

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Lava Stone 

Lava stone, also known as volcanic rock or basalt, originates from molten lava that has solidified on the Earth's surface. It is a type of igneous rock that forms when magma erupts from a volcano and cools rapidly. Lava stone can be found in various volcanic regions around the world, including places with recent or ancient volcanic activity. Common sources include areas like Hawaii, Iceland, Italy (Mount Vesuvius), and other volcanic regions.

Lava stone typically has a porous and rough texture due to its rapid cooling process. It is dark in color, ranging from black to deep gray. The stone's porosity is a result of trapped gas bubbles during the solidification process. The porous nature of lava stone makes it lightweight and capable of absorbing and retaining essential oils, which is a characteristic often utilized in aromatherapy jewelry.

Lava stone has been used for various purposes, from construction and art to jewelry. Its lightweight and porous qualities, along with its association with volcanic energy, have contributed to its popularity in jewelry design, especially in the creation of diffuser bracelets and essential oil-infused accessories.  

Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Taurus, Scorpio
Vibration: 1
Mohs Scale: 4-9

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