Mariam Jasper & Citrine Pendant

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Mariam Jasper & Citrine Sterling Silver Pendant

Mariam Jasper, also known as Elephant Skin Jasper, Miriam Jasper, Maryam Jasper, Calligrapher's Stone, Cobra Jasper, and Snake Agate, is usually available in a mix of yellow, red, brown and green colours. Mariam Jasper was formed when the Himalayas rose into the sky.  It is composed of fossils of compressed bone, vegetation and shell from an ancient swamp which was compressed by the incredible forces involved in the mountain’s creation.

The actual name of this lovely stone is “Sange Maryam”, so named for the Goddess Mariamma, who is an avatar of Kali, another Hindu Goddess.

Chakra: All
Zodiac: Pisces, Leo
Vibration: 3,4
Mohs Scale: 6-7

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