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Nundoorite, also known as Nunderite, is a very rare gemstone that was mined in Nundora, Australia. Only a small vein was found and it was mined to extinction, within a few years. It is an extremely rare mineral formed by the combination of Aegirine (green colour) and Orthoclase (brown). It has a unique spotted green pattern on a brown background. 

Nundoorite clears the energy channels between the Heart and the Root Chakra, promoting an extension of Earth’s energies to be channeled within. This wave of calm peaceful energy, stimulating the Heart and Root Chakras, creates a peace within and assists us in releasing fears and anxieties, promoting self-confidence.

Nunderite is super protective with an ability to clear the auric field, charging it with Light, which offers protection and comfort during times of change.  It grounds deeply into the earth, so it is helpful to those who wish to work with earth energies or pursue shamanic endeavours. Filling your energy field with Light, and eliminating the need to hold on to the negative, this gemstone acts as a beacon for the like-minded.

Chakra: Root, Heart
Zodiac: Pisces, Libra, Leo
Vibrational Number:
Mohs Scale: 6.5

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