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Ocean Jasper Sterling Silver Pendant

Discovered recently in Madagascar, Ocean Jasper was formed by pre-historic volcanos. It is a rare and highly collectible gemstone. It comes in unusual pattern of circles, specks and swirls in yellow, pink, black, white, gold, green and brown colours.  Ocean Jasper was an instant sensation and has been “Mined Out" since 2006, which means miners have exhausted its supply and what is on the market currently from Madagascar, is all there will ever be.

The vibrations of Ocean Jasper are, at first, grounding and then, move up the Chakras all the way to the Heart, making one feel at peace instantly. This gemstone is full of positive gentle energy that helps anyone who wears or holds it regularly to develop self-love and empathy for others. Ocean Jaspers’ soothing vibrations certainly has a lot to offer during meditation. It set the mood for spiritual expansion. Ocean Jasper has a strong protection vibration that is said to be an amulet while traveling through the dark places. 

Metaphysically, Ocean Jasper helps release emotional trauma from emotional body. Suffering from a burnout? Then this is your gemstone; carry or meditate with this wonderful gift from nature. It is believed to banish nightmares or harmful thoughts.

Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart
Zodiac: Cancer, Virgo
Vibrational Number: 1
Mohs Scale: 6.5

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