Palo Santo Incense

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Palo Santo Incense Sticks

For hundreds of years Nippon Kodo has been producing incense in Japan. Nippon Kodos Morning Star Incense is one of the most popular brands of Japanese incense. Crafted from pure floral essences and rare aromatic woods, since they dont use bamboo, they have less smoke and a purer scent than most other stick incense. Morning Star can be enjoyed every day. Use it to create a relaxing atmosphere for meditation and prayer.

Palo Santo wood has been used for thousands of years by Shamans and Healers among the Inca population. This « Holy Wood » provides energetic protection and removes bad energies. Palo Santo wood is harvested under government supervision by the natives of the Peruvian jungle.

  • No bamboo core, clean burning, pure scent
  • Box includes a ceramic tile burner
  • Perfect for "everyday" incense
  • Very little smoke when burning
  • 50 Sticks per package
  • Burn time: 25 minutes

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