Green Phantom Quartz Points

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Green Phantom Quartz Points

Phantom Quartz is only found in Minas Gerais, an inland state in southern Brazil. It is a transparent to opaque crystal, with a vitreous lustre, and contains inclusions.  These inclusions are formed by interruption in the formation process, over millions of years, creating unique and rare ghost-like shapes within them.

Green Phantom Quartz, like all Phantom Quartz, activates the Crown Chakra and facilitates spiritual growth, cleanses and aligns all Chakras as well as the Aura. Phantom Quartz assists in letting go of past traumas, allowing you to push ego aside to assist you in experiencing spiritual growth.  If you are drawn to Green Phantom Quartz, chances are you need a bit of help to move out of an emotional rut. Shamans believe the Phantom Quartz  is a Light gemstone, assisting the light within all of us. Meditate with Green Phantom Quartz to ward off depression and its side effects. 

Chakra: All
Zodiac: All
Vibration: High
Mohs Scale: 7

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