Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone

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Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone

Rainbow Moonstone is not the same as a Moonstone. Rainbow Moonstone is really a transparent Labradorite. This gemstone has a translucent pearly white colour with a white sheen, containing flashes of blues or multicoloured, that rolls or flows over the stone when rotated, similar to moonshine, hence the name. This gemstone acts a s a prism, diffusing energy throughout the Aura. Moonstone is mined in many countries, including Canada.

Used in jewelry since ancient civilizations, Rainbow Moonstone is used to heighten psychic gifts and for intuition, balance, harmony, creativity, and hope. A sacred stone, the vibrations of Rainbow Moonstone intensifies the feminine Goddess energy within you. Females’ energies are nourished and awakened. Strongly connected to the moon, Rainbow Moonstone is the gemstone to use to embrace the goddess within you. Like Moonstone, this gemstone is stronger during the waxing moon (when the moon is filling), than during the waning.

Rainbow Moonstones’ loving energy offers emotional support for men, helping to balance both sides of the brain, thus helping with creativity. For intuitive or sensitive children, it provides psychic protection, clears the mind and aids for calming sleep. Used as an amulet to protect sailors or travellers over water, Rainbow Moonstone also provides protection for travelling at night, childbirth, and pregnancy. Rainbow Moonstone clears and calms the mind, re-energizes the mind and body and helps release all negativity.

Rainbow Moonstone is sensitive to chemicals, heat, abrasions, hot water, or cleaners. The best method to cleanse this gemstone is to use tepid tap water, and then to leave in the Moonlight to recharge.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Cancer
Vibrational Number: 77 Master Number
Mohs Scale: 6-6.5

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