Ruby Fuchsite Pendant

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Ruby Fuchsite Sterling Silver Pendant

Overall length 1.75"

Ruby Fuchsite, also known as Ruby in Fuchsite, is a striking combination of two minerals: ruby and fuchsite. Ruby Fuchsite is primarily found in regions with metamorphic rock formations, including India, Brazil, Russia, and the United States. It forms when chromium-rich corundum (ruby) and green chromium-rich muscovite (fuchsite) crystallize together under high-pressure conditions. The presence of chromium gives both minerals their distinctive colors: ruby appears red due to chromium, while fuchsite displays a vibrant green hue.

Ruby Fuchsite typically exhibits a captivating blend of deep red ruby crystals embedded within a matrix of bright green fuchsite. The ruby crystals often occur in irregular shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny specks to larger formations, and they can be translucent to opaque. The fuchsite matrix provides a stunning contrast to the rich red of the rubies, creating a visually striking gemstone. The green color of fuchsite can vary from light to dark shades, and it may exhibit a shimmering chatoyancy (cat's-eye effect) when polished. This unique combination of colors and textures makes Ruby Fuchsite a popular choice for jewelry and ornamental purposes. In terms of metaphysical properties, Ruby Fuchsite is believed to harmonize the energies of the heart and root chakras, promoting emotional balance, vitality, and spiritual growth.

Chakra: Root, Heart
Zodiac: Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo
Vibrational Number: 3, 9
Mohs Scale: 3-4

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